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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Running like death

I'm struggling to believe just how bad i run at the moment. I really can't get a tournament score for love nor money for way to long now. The other night i logged on with the intention of playing some online tourneys, after 20 mins i couldn't be arsed anymore so decided to head out to the casino instead and left my girlfriend to play the one tourney i had not been bummed out of.

The tourney at the casino was typical re buy fair but i actually managed to accumulate a good stack for a change and finally managed to get it all in against the table loon (who in fairness admitted he didn't care and was getting it in with anything), board was ace high and i had AK, he had 97 for a gutshot which he missed but never mind the running 7's were good enough.

I was a bit fucked off with that and stormed off in a huff which is not like me. The big dealers choice game was just getting full so i sat in short with £250, and lost it all on the first hand with the nut flush all in on the turn only for the board to pair the river for £800+ pot, grr, i buy in again for £500. About 15 minutes later we see a flop of 828 two spades, i am holding 8,2,7,10,J,A with no spades, the turn is the 7 of spades and i get my last £200 in 3 ways for a £1900 approx pot, the river is a 10 and of course the arse who had got it all in with the nut flush on a paired board in 6 o was holding 10,10, double grr. I bought in again for £250 and got it in good again on the turn only to get gutshotted on the river in another decent pot, threw my cards on the table and walked out truly pissed off with it all.

On the way home the girlfriend rings and talks very excited tones, shes now 3rd in chips with 19 players left with 14k for first, i've been back and reviewed the hand history and my name must be dirt on some peoples notes! Anyway i get back and she wants me to take over but i insist she carries on and watch as she relentlessly bets everything and just keeps accumulating chips. We reach the final table bubble and the CL is on our left and we are in the blinds when the girlfriend has to go to the loo so i take over for a moment, the good lord rewards me with aces and it's folded to me, i try a little trap against the over aggresive CL and he goes for it and raises, i come back over the top for a significant lump and he calls after a dwell, flop comes AJJ, good times, i check and he checks behind, the turn is a 5 or something and i put a out a decent sized value bet and he calls, the river is another J and i bet again, he goes all in, fuck my life, i don't want to call because i just know but i have to and no surprise to see him holding J5 suited.

Anyway, thats just how this low limit balla is running currently and i am truly fucked off with it. Moan moan moan, sorry.

Currently i'm so fucking cynical about everything but who wouldn't be, anyone following the US presidential election out there? What a circus of cunts they all are. Basically it's a contest to see who gets to deep throat the corporations for the most filthy $'s, it makes me sick. To quote one of my hero's they are all 'sucking on satans cock' fucking scum.

Gl at the tables



  • Cheer up mate - Theres a saying in sports psychology - focus on what you CAN influence and not what you CAN'T! - you can't influence the cards, but you can keep making the right decissions!

    /diedamm - http://within1000days.com

    By Blogger Anders Damm Christensen, At 4:19 AM  

  • I mostly don't like reading bad beat stories, but this was kinda interesting, sorry I thought it was kindda funny altough I wish it never happens to you again :)

    By Blogger BlaBlaBoem, At 6:01 PM  

  • Stop whining.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 1:16 AM  

  • fantastic post keep em coming

    By Blogger Tony Lepatata, At 7:41 PM  

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