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Friday, March 21, 2008

My tilt is sooo bad

Built up again to 14k, i'm stunned just how bad people play this game (5/10/20 plo) at relatively high stakes.

Some total loon came to the 2 tables i was playing at, usual method is play slightly looser than normal and hope to hit (generally they do all the bluffing), for some reason i went super loose and donked 5 buyins to this guy who immediately left, he hit some outs but i still shouldn't have been that deep into the hands with what i was holding.

On total tilt now i fired up some online roulette and donked all the rest away apart from 1k which i have left, at one point i had £125 straight up on 29 and 28 with all the splits loaded also, of course it doubled on 7, weep.

Anyway, i'm a dick, i could make so much money if only i could find some discipline, i have serious mental issues i think.

Gl at the tables.



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  • Don't give up dude, we've all been there. I found my discipline in a very simple rule. Use it and you'll be back in no time: http://within1000days.com/2008/03/23/a-no-poker-easter-holiday/

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