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Thursday, January 17, 2008

All or Nothing

It's weird, when i first came back to nlhe i used to play 2 tables on crypto and my greatest asset was my reads and i used to make all kinds of sick (for want of a better word) plays because i was totally involved and engrossed on trying to imagine what my oppos were thinking, feeling and trying to do.

At some point i just forgot all that and completely lost my cahjones, maybe as the players got better and i became more autopilot and sat back on what i knew were some standard winning plays, and definitely got weary and wary of it all and at that point i started to lose more consistently at cash games.

A couple of months a go a friend came over for a bit of coaching (not that i'm really qualified but i thought i could stop him losing so much). We played a really long session 4 tabling 2/4 on stars with me really concentrating and reading the players and situations as well as i could and in the end it ending up being a bit of a confidence coaching session for me e.g. me calling someones turn shove after checking with 3rd pair after putting the oppo on a very narrow range given the play, i wanted to fold (lost my cahjones) but he was saying if you believe thats what hes got then you have to call etc eventually i started playing with some balls again and surprise surprise started winning heavily again.

Basically i don't think you can be a solid winner at the game without being entirely committed to it when playing a session and you do need some talent, belief in yourself and a dedication to learning to be successful. At times i have all of these attributes but most of the time i neglect to engage them all and if i don't i'll never be a true winning mid to high stakes nlhe cash player which is what i'd like to be.

Heres to future commitment and crushaments

Gl at the tables



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