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Monday, December 03, 2007

Fuck Tournaments and Fuck Pokerstars

The number of beats i take on pokerstars is just too much for me anymore, i sit there calling the cards and they come like clockwork, it makes me wince. Sat with a mate playing the 55k the other night when we were quite deep and holding K6 in the BB 1 limper and we see a flop, K62 on the flop, we lead and get raised, we shove and get called, he holds KQ, turn is a 7 and my mate says no queen, no queen, i say - it's the another 7 that will knock us out and it duly arrives. He was gutted bless him.

Then playing the warm up and about 40 off the bubble and sitting comfy on above average chips. In the SB with 46 suited, UTG limps, i complete and the BB checks, 235 on the flop with a flush draw as well, jackpot!!!, i check and the utg limper bets the pot (oh please have a big pair!!). I re raise smallish but not minimum and he re pops the minimum, i shove and he insta calls outchipping me by a few thousand, must have a big pair obviously, well no he.s got K2 suited (but no flush draw), woohoo, to say the running KK upset me would be an understatement, the mrs said i was quite scarily aggressive when i was shouting at the screen and stomping about.

Seriously though, pokerstars will have no more deposits from me ever, i took so many other sickening beats over the 4 days that i just have to embrace my irrational 'it's fucking rigged' mentality and move away because it makes me feel better.

Oh dear i've become everything i hate about poker bloggers, i've descended in to a bad beat rant, what a twat, fuck it and fuck pokerfuckingstars and their rigged fucking rng.

Love you all (apart from twatting pokerstars obviously)

Gl at the tables



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