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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Peaks and Troughs

Played on a new site for me recntly after they deposited $20 for me to play with as an enticement.

I ran it up to $4.2k in 3 sessions then ran it down to $200 in a night then just as i was bollocking myself back for being a cock i came 2nd in one of there nightly re buys for $3.8k, i resolved to play disciplined PLO that i am correctly rolled for, that lasted about 10 minutes before i hit the 5/5 and 10/10 tables, things went great and i peaked at i think just over 10k. Then i got into an argument with someone after playing pretty badly but managing to backdoor flush him in a fairly big pot. The standard heads up challenge was issued by him and i accepted.

I had had a few beers and was playing extremely aggro and all went well initially as he kept on folding and folding, then he started to call quite light now and again and we were around even then i hit easily the driest spell of cards imaginable and playing aggro plo against players who will call light when you are missing every flop is a recipe for disaster. Normally i'd lay off in this situation and try to change strategy but my drunken strategy was that i was going to have to hit the big hand soon and catch him calling light and break him. The hand never arrived and i did nearly 7k over about an hour, horrible play and horrible result.

I managed to play disciplined the next day and somehow lost 13bi's at 1/1, missed every draw and the oppo's hit every draw, it was ugly and i was fully tilted. I did in a buyin at 10/10 in frustration and that left the account at about $600 and i haven't been back.

I'm a knob.

GL at the tables.



  • can you give me some idea of how you would roll 20 into 4.2k in 3 sessions. I am not doubting you did it just wonder what route you took, what stakes and how long a session is.



    By Blogger Check In The Dark, At 6:32 PM  

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