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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Haven't played much.

I've been away most of october and barely played online, i had one very good session and one very bad which cancelled each other out. The last 2 sessions have been fairly bad just missing every draw imaginable and it stings a bit and gets most frustrating as it continues but i suppose at some time it will even up and i'll run like god for a while.

I was in a euro city while there was a big tournament going on so i paid a visit and sat in a 5/10 hold em game for about 2 hours, i ran pretty well but the local idiots were just giving their money away to me with the best being - I raise pre flop with AK and get 4 callers, Flop comes AA10, i bet, next guy calls, one guy folds and the other dwells for a minute before shoving $600 into the pot, i go all in and the other guy calls. The turn is a ten and the river a blank. Me and the original guy split the pot (he had A7 ffs) and the shover shows J10??????????????

I then moved over to the 10/20 plo game that was just starting and it was a really mental game, every pot raised and re raised pre flop, luurrvvely. I end up with the nuts (broadway) and the nut flush draw the after only 10 or so hands, the pot swells to nearly 3.5k with 3 opponents on the turn when i make my flush, sadly it paired up on the river and that was that pot. 1/2 an hour later i end up getting $1200 in pre flop with AA10J double suited against 5 opponents (some of them all in for less than the 1200) my last $400 goes in on the flop of A85 rainbow and gets called by everybody still in!!!! The turn is a beautiful 5, one guy turned his bare 5 over hopefully at the showdown, lol. 7.3k pot, woohoo, my bigest ever.

I left 20 minutes later and took the missus on a shopping spree and night out on the tiles.

I intend to sort of hibernate a bit this winter and try to really get something going online, online players are so much tougher than live players. I'm going to stay away from the 10/20 as it can be a really tough game but hope to get there consistenly sometime early next year.

Good luck at the tables


P.S. Whoever came to the blog via this google search shoud probably think about relaxing a bit

"suck out cunts playing online poker deserve death" sent 1 total visits


PPS. My Girlfriend had never seen close encounters of the third kind so i got it the other day and watched it with her. We then had a bizarre conversation where i told her if aliens wanted to abduct me and take me round the universe that i would have to go, she got quite upset and in the end i had to promise that i would only go if she could go to. moral - women are fucking lunatics but you should still say whatever keeps them happy. (ps, sorry sweetheart but when they come for me you're fucking history, get over it. x)


  • hey up,

    congrats on the 7.5k and for trating the missus. The end of the post was the best though, i definately know that feeling. Just wait for the next few days when she googles aliens and relationships and finds your blog. OOOPS


    By Blogger Check In The Dark, At 5:51 PM  

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