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Friday, November 30, 2007

Big Rushes

(dan in the comments asks how rushing $20 into a 4k roll is done, well heres how i did it)

It does sound almost ludicrous but if you have a complete disregard for the money it's not that hard.

In this run, i played a $10 30 man sng and a $5 20 seat sng to start, i scooped 2nd in the $10 and won the $5. Giving me $150 and change in the account. I then sat at 2 0.50/0.50 full ring plo tables and entered a $5 rebuy and a $10 freezeout. I eventually took 2nd in the $10 for $550 and cashed deep in the $5 for about $120 (taking a sickening beat in this to go out 23rd AA v AQ all in on A high flop runner runner broadway for the oppo, so sick).

The plo had both been reasonable winning about 3 buy ins on one table and 1 and a 1/2 on another before i logged off them when getting deep in the tourneys.

This put me to nearly 1k on the first night. I went to bed and had trouble sleeping so got back up and logged on to 2 hu 1/1 plo tables, i found a loon joined me on one and i took 7 buy ins off him in about an hour and the other table managed to win a buy in or so off some shortstackers.

this put me around 1.8k for the first night.

The 2nd night i had a real taste for HU plo and played for hours at 2 tables and played 2 tourneys. The tourneys went shite i think and i don't think i cashed. But the plo went well at 1/1, i can't remember how much i won, the only cool thing i remember was being up to $300 and something when a $40 shortstacker sat in, he took me for the lot hitting some crazy draws and playing incredibly aggro in almost every pot, just a matter of time to bust him but it just wasn't happening, i bought in again and he got this to.
He then said he was leaving, all very friendly, and i bemoaned this fact and that it was rude to run etc etc, it took 5 minutes or so of quality chat to convince him to stay, eventually he did play on and he was busted about 20 mins later.

I played a couple of $100 stts in there on the last session of the original rush and some 2/2 and 5/5 plo and won 1 and had no place in the other stt and did brilliantly at the 2/2 plo, i remember check raising a guy about 5 pots in a row (against him, not in sequence) and every time i had it and knew he would have to break and lose it all which he did twice.

At the end of that session i had 4.2k.

Thats how you have huge rushes, you have to risk the first small amount to win enough to get you into a few bigger games. Then, and this is most important, you need a decent tournament score to get you going (i almost always seem to run great for a while after this as well). Then don't be scared to play anything that you're not rolled for, 5/6 buy ins is plenty.
Don't play scared (have absolutely no fear of putting $400 of your $450 BR in a pot if your favourite) and just run well hopefully.

Gl at the tables



  • jesus, what a fucking rollercoaster !

    does the money just not matter ??



    By Blogger dD, At 9:10 AM  

  • i am a long time gambler and find it very easy to disassociate (spelling?) myself from the money. I have a good job so any poker winnings are a bonus.

    The fact i don't play with money that i can't afford makes it a lot easier to risk large amounts (relatively speaking) without being upset if i lose it.

    If i set out to attempt a rush with $200 then thats my stop loss so regardless of wether i lose it straight off or later after spinning it to x amount i still feel like i have only lost the original stake.

    By Blogger toyzzz, At 1:46 PM  

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