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Monday, September 10, 2007

New Challenge

I have created a new challenge for myself with more short term goals.

It's called the 110% challenge.

I'm playing purely PLO on 4 different sites and everytime i increase my bankroll by 110% i withdraw 10 % and use it for something fun, probably.

I started four nights ago with two $100 deposits and two £100 deposits.

I couldn't face anything below 0.10/0.25 so i started there, terrible BR management i know...

I passed through $210 on stars in a little over half an hour. Crypto I am at $148. UB = $170 and FT = $68.

I have read a couple of PLO books lately, i recommend Rolf Slotbottoms Secrets of, although the matchups part at the end is quite skinny but it at least gets you thinking. Reubens - How good is your - I do not recommend this book at all, it certainly has some useful thoughts but the scoring system is dire and revealing player traits in the reveals that should guide your thinking is just really fucking stupid.

Life is pretty dull at that moment but i came up with a million dollar idea for poker sites the other day so if anyone from betfair or mansion wants me to tell them how to increase the cash poker market margins and tournaments profits considerably just leave me a contact.

I have been doing a little betfair trading with varying degrees of success but i think i've found a niche in a not to popular sport that i hope will be very profitable.

Gl All



  • Nice results. I love the omaha but cant afford the pot limit swings. I can handle limit but there are very few limit omaha players on Stars.

    Gl to you too.

    By Blogger Check In The Dark, At 10:38 AM  

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