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Saturday, August 04, 2007

An interesting Tournament Exit.

I seem to have lost all abilities in tournaments now but i don't play very many, so maybe it's to be expected.

An example of my loss of skill amused me the other night on line, playing the 5ok gtd on stars and we are down to 28 and i'm quite excited as i haven't run deep in a decent prize pool for ages. The guy 2 to my right hasn't got out of line once and appeared to seriously consider folding JJ pre flop to a big blind re steal for about half his stack. I'm playing only one table with no distractions so keeping lots of notes, for this guy i type in SS RR! (Super Solid Respect Raises). On the next orbit with me in the SB just under average chips which gives plenty of room he comes in for a raise and i have 99, i insta shove he calls and flips KK and it's good night, i hit my 9 as well but he had already hit his king on the flop. Not exactly skill loss just pure stupidity. Ah well.

Played some live tournament poker recently and can't get anywhere in that either even though i feel i'm playing well. Hands are just drying up and i'm not coming through my all ins from in front or behind.
I had this bloke telling me the other night about all this odds and position stuff is a load of bollocks it's about putting all your chips in when it feels right and winning, not complete madness i have to admit, but when he called an all in from the chip leader with 14 left when he was 2nd chip leader with QUEEN fucking TEN os, also bearing in mind the chip leader had turned over premium cards only and played very few pots it was extreme bravery (read: lunacy). Chip leader had AA and you don't need to hear who won surely....
He was well full of himself then, the loud shouting and fistpumping was a bit distasteful for a £20 re buy (or any tournament imo).
I won't ridicule him too much as he is also a professional fighter and to be blunt scary as fuck, so on the off chance....
Anyway his call is now disected by a few and much to my dismay i was called as first witness for the defence, i knew i should of been a man and disagreed instead of nodding like a fucking lapdog when he was going on about his strategy before. Some of the others know i don't hold with his ideas so i have to sheepishly say well to be honest that was terrible play etc, oh dear, i feel genuine malice oozing from him and to be frank i was bricking it (when i said scary, i mean dirty pants frightening, take my girlfriend just please don't hit me etc). Now some drunken arsehole see his chance for revenge after i told him he was talking bollocks earlier about some sporting 'facts' he was quoting, he chimes in with 'he's been takin the piss out of you fred*'. Thanks a lot you cunt. I consider just upping and leaving my chips but there is 1.5k for 1st and i'm just above average chips and the 2 to my right are giving up their blinds if i so much as look their way so it seemed worth the risk.
The table remains pretty much silent for the next few hands and i looked at my cards and ahead only for the entire time, i exited the comp in 12th when my Ak was no match for A10 but i wasn't too sad as i could get the fuck out of there.
Just as i stand up i hear medieval roar from my right, the gap between my feet and the floor grows quickly as he lifts me above his head in a bench press style (i'm not a big bloke but 12 stone is no feather), we are right by the barrier to the rest of the casino and he launches me over it and i land luckily on my feet and do a bit of commando roll while he's yelling 'fuck off ya twat' and jumping the barrier.
I break into a sprint and leg it thorugh the casino (i'm 32 years old ffs, this shouldn't be happening to me!!), the mass gambling hoardes of the friday night punters are there and every single one is looking at me running like the scared little man i am.
I dive in the car and after a bit of sweeny style driving in the car park i'm on the open road to freedom with my face and limbs in tact, strangely i just couldn't stop laughing which has been my response to most of the life or death situations i have been in (anyone know why we do this?).
After a mintue or so my phone starts ringing and i pull over to answer it as i could do with calming down anyway, i answer it and all i can hear is the hysterical laughing of 30 odd poker playing bastards who have just pulled off the best wind up i have ever had inflicted upon me.
I just could not join in their hilarity and refused to come back, imagine the embarrasement of walking back through that casino, i returned the other night and was greeted by a huge cheer and endless piss taking and a big hug from fred*.


Anyway the whole episode has cheered me right up as i've been getting really cynical and grumpy old manish for a while and it was nice to be reminded of how funny and interesting life can be.

Gl at the tables


*not real name


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