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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Controlling Tilt

I played for 5 hours yesterday, played very well and ended up losing 5 buy ins. Was horrible, i got hit from everywhere by any card that was required by my oppos for about 2 hours at the end. I had been up nearly 4 buy ins over the first 3 hours, then suddenly it turned and by the end i was an irrational shouting mad man. I got one outered twice in 5 mins for full buy ins, which is pretty sick anyway you look at it.

Thank god i logged off as i felt like i was going to explode with frustration. One good thing was at least i didn't tilt my money off i just kept on getting it in ahead.

One guy backdoored me twice after being all in on the flop with an under set both times.

Anyway, sorry to rant about bad sessions, was just really fucked off with it.

Congrats to UKgatsby who has won 20 tournaments this year!! Thats quality mate, maybe you should step up a bit. Link on the right ->

Gl all



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