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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Table Selection, Table Selection, Table Slection

I have to admit to playing a bit of 2/4, 3/6 and 5/10 plo on stars lately.
It was strange how much i hated online poker, then we went out into to the sticks for a week and a bit, when i say sticks i mean the sticks. I didn't watch TV, use a computer, listen to a radio or read a paper for 9 days, it was very liberating but fuck me i was itching for a game when i got back.

I started small at 1/2 and 0.50/1 plo and ran really well so took a shot at the 3/6 and again ran well and in then i have played quite a bit just flying between the levels when a game looks good enough to play at any stakes, i very nearly went for the $25/$50 level but bottled it basically, but the game was crazy which is just how i like it.

The title at the top is mantra that every serious poker player should chant religiously when they sit down to play cash games.

It' so easy to hover around and jump in the first game there is a free seat but you simply cost yourself money by doing this unless your lucky.

Best to open up games and watch them for a while to find a game that suits your style, if you haven't figured out what kind of table suits your game you shouldn't really be playing.

If you have to get in quick try to figure which stats your favourite gametypes produce or just look at the stats (when you are in a game you like and when you are in a game you don't like) in the game on the lobby and figure out why the hands per hour rate is low or high, why the ave pot is big or small, do you like lots of players in each flop. This can offer you a shortcut to reasonable games but you should still tend to watch games first.

I had all this perfectly illustrated to me the other night when i was playing 4 games, a mix of 2/4 and 3/6 and ran well intially then lost a couple of unlucky ones and just got transfixed into getting my money back off the players who i assumed to be terrible. I paid no attention as the games changed drastically and became the kind of games i hate, very tight mostly folds to pre flop raises and fat bets on the flop usually taking it down. I sat there for3 hours just slowly dribbling money here and there and picking up a bit her and there. Suddenly i snapped out of it and thought this is shit, had a quick look round and found a decent 5/10 game and 2 decent 2/4 games, 45 minutes later... bingo, up 5 buy ins. I was just annoyed i had wasted 3 hours previously.

Not that money matters towards any sort of total anymore but i am ahead nearly 5,700 in just over a week.

Table Selection, Table Selection, Table Slection

Write it on a post it, along with NO TILT and stick it on your monitor, i guarantee if you stick to it, you will make more money playing cash games than you currently do.

Gl at the tables



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