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Monday, July 23, 2007

I Play Bad

Well not to bad but not as good as i need to.

Been playing a lot of 5/10 plo and the better players have definately exposed all my deficiencies at plo. I don't know my numbers well enough, i'm sometimes over aggresive, i bet myself out of pots, i'm too loose against medium stacks, i call too much, i don't isolate bad players enough, i get very frustrated when i don't make hands for a long time and i tilt when i take bad beats in big pots.

I have started to address all these issues but it's going to take a while, i've stepped down to mostly 2/4 and along with the usual mugs giving there money away i'm trying a few new strategies or just moves really. I definately think my worst bits are not isolating bad players pre flop with my reasonable hands, this has only really been exposed at higher levels as raising to isolate at 1/2 and 2/4 doesn't work nearly as well, just creates big multiway pots which is great if you run good. I must know my numbers better, i can work it all out but i need to know it off by heart so i can play quicker and without pressure of having to work out my equity in big pots/i need to think about the player and the play so far in the hand rather than outs and equity taking up all the time.

As these better players play me like the bad player i probably am at 5/10 i need to adjust to beat the bad players more consistently there and also adjust to exploit the better players perception of me which is what i'm quite looking forward to, i just haven't figured out exactly how to do it yet. Their pre flop raising is perfect most of the time when in position so waiting for better position on them at the tables and probably playing back at them quite similarly to how they play me will be a start then move on from there.

Quite enjoying poker at the moment.

Gl at the tables



  • Play short stacked dude - it's the best way to level the playing field.

    Analyse the big hands you play and it becomes second nature pretty quickly. You might try min buy-ins then work up to 50%, only stick in 100% when you feel you are the best player on the table.



    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 3:41 PM  

  • nice read mate. could i get a link up? would be great!


    - 'a year in the life'

    thanks mate, good luck!

    By Blogger C, At 9:16 AM  

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