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Friday, June 01, 2007

Sometimes Gambling is Great

I have been gambling like mad lately, mainly roulette. Either in the casino, online or the bookies and i've booked a £7600 win overall. I have hit some amazing runs including two triples on my big number, 29 and 8 i love you... Whilst playing in the casino on the automated version i had moved to the tierre numbers and amazingly had a run of 13 hits including the triple on 8.

I did a lump back the other day but paid off my credit card and gave my girlfreind a grand to keep her sweet and pay for our hols coming up in June and got the plastering done in my house so actually have about £400 left of it but still feel really happy to have everything paid that i would of had to work for.

I have played some live tourneys without joy, i'm definately bluffing to much and am a bit sick to have correctly put players on underpairs to the board and been called everytime i try to bet them out of the hand. On 3 of them the opponent said words to the effect of i think i must be beat but..... why call then you fuckers ;=)

I've done great in live cash games lately and absolutely destroyed the big local dealers choice game one night last week. I hit almost everything and most of the better players who usually play were absent so hitting everything with a table full of bad gamblers was the perfect recipe for a £2.2k win.

I played a medium sized hold em game the day after and played as well as i can remember with good calls, laydowns and value bets. I waited for the right players to play pots with and waited specifically for one player who done amazing with some very poor hands, he won a huge 3 way pot with 3rd pair and crap kicker with no draw (his hand was top pair on the flop). Eventually i found the spot to take him on when he raised pre flop short handed and i looked down to see some cowboys, i put in a solid raise and he called. A flop of KJx looked nice and i checked, he obliged with a big bet and i set him all in, he called instantly and flipped Q10 and of course rivered the 9 for a £1350 pot, damn it. He left immediately which i really dont' like but i suppose hes free to do it so fair enough. I won a chunk back playing 6 card omaha heads up against a reasonable player but i think i was again lucky to run great and it didn't take long to bust him.

Played some omaha on prima the other day and can tell anyone who plays the game that there are some v bad players on there, i did very well in the 2 sessions i played at $2/$4, i stacked 2 players who c/r me with non nut draws on the flop when i was pot commited anyway, crazy fuckers.

Currently i like poker but still can't sit down to a serious session of online tournaments or cash without getting painfully bored.

Gl all.

Glastonbury soon, woo hoo.


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