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Sunday, June 03, 2007


I disabled my username on sharkscope almost as soon as the site appeared but out of curiosity i wanted to have a look at my ratings etc. I sent off the email and they reactivated instantly.

My roi stats were the most intrersting, at $5 level my roi is over 70%, not sure how but i was very surprised. I have decent roi's at every level apart from $33 which strangely shows a - 18% figure. I have thought previously that for some reason i do crap at this level but maybe i just run bad on it for a long time rather than a specific poker reason.

My overall roi is +36% over 983 with an average profit of $9, i think this is very good as i don't play the 180 man sngs that the leaderboard leaders seem to amass their amazing roi's at.

I am of course a shark, gloat... stupid how i somehow feel all proud of this little swimming shark fin.

I always try to be player x and get it quitely but i think it's gainst human nature not to lord it a bit.

Gl all.


  • Nice results sir. When you play SnG's how many do you have open at once? $9 per game is a good return, especially if you can play 20 or so a day!

    By Blogger Yorkshire Pudding, At 3:19 AM  

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