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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Played 1 / Won 1

Have been on holiday this week and only had a chance of one night at the tables.

Fired up one tourney and 3 x 0.50/1.00 plo tables.

Played ridiculously aggressive from close to the bubble to the final hand (3 stellas is optimum drinking level for poker i have discovered). Particularly enjoyed busting a total wanker heads up who bitched about me raising almost every hand and celebrated when i lost a race to become shortstack at the FT, loved it when he annouced he was going to enjoy busting me. He was strangely quiet as he lost the final hand, ha ha.

Everything going well on the plo tables although i'm still losing a few pots i where i should know better.

Bankroll $8450ish

Gl at the tables



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