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Friday, March 09, 2007

I'm Still Here

Have been playing almost exclusively plo for the last 3 weeks, trying to learn a bit more about playing it profitably online.

The same rules apply as nlhe, that you must be picking up enough small and cheap pots to keep you ahead in between the big pots.

This is easier said than done playing at the lower levels and choosing your victim is paramount. Been working on my game and had some great sessions and some painful sessions but showing a reasonable profit overall. I think i can get this much better as i refine my game and get rid of some of the losing plays.

I am pretty sure that the nlhe cash games on stars are getting tougher noticeably as loads and loads of people with a lot more time than me are grinding it out at the low stakes multitabling. I think most of them are playing with small BB/100 hands rates that their tag games produce.
When i said tougher i mean there are less people throwing the money around so the big pots are fewer and farther between than they used to be. I reckon at least 5 of the players are complete rocks at every 9 handed game i sit at.

With that in mind i went for the omaha games, 1 major drawback is that i can only really play 3 at a time effectively but i'm sure this will grow as i get better.

Played quite a few stts and had an amazing run at one point. I won 13 HU stts in a row and cashed in 8 in a row stts in one long session, with 5 of those being wins. The FACT that pokerstars is rigged was proved soundly after this as i was given a stream of crushing beats on the next session and got thouroughly demoralised. (pokerstars isn't rigged btw).

Quick easy guide to HU stts at low levels

  • Keep the pots small early on unless you have a big hand
  • Don't play to raises out of position with shit hands
  • Bet, Raise, Re raise means your top pair isn't good (not always true but if stacks are still deep no need to risk it)
  • Let them have their way with you early doors
  • To use an angling saying 'get them taking confidently' then crush their dreams when the pots are worth pinching and their deeply thought out assesment of your play is, 'he's weak as fuck'.
  • Players will call 500 out of 700 stack because they have 200 left but won't call for it all, so knock lumps out rather than trying to chop off their heads in one shot.

Bankroll is $3700

Gl at the tables



  • Liking the new layout and congrats on the Gatsby award!

    I'm intregued by PLO but have heard the swings can be crazy as you are hardly ever better than 60/40 so I've so far stayed away!

    By Blogger Yorkshire Pudding, At 10:04 AM  

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