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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Done My Conkers Online

Things were going so well at $1/$2 plo i stepped up to early playing $2/$4 and got completely anhilated and failed to step back down quick enough. It wasn't bad play just ran terribly, which caused me to make some bad decisions, so i suppose it was bad play.

I lost a $2.2k pot with the 2nd nuts against a lunatic who had sat down with $160 and played every pot and got up to nearly 1.5k in about 20 minutes. He flung in a massive bet at almost every pot he was in and i just couldn't chuck although i knew i was beat on the re raise all in. He launched a bit of a verbal attack on everyone and the table seemed to lose a leg as everyone tilted right up. It was maybe the craziest table i've ever played online as we all tried to get enough chips to bust the loon. He just kept on winning though with almost every hand he played and took to re raising the pot pre flop all the time and invariably hitting enough to win at showdown or getting the opponent to fold when they missed.

Things went badly from there and i did nearly 2.5k over 5 hours or so, eek.

Dropped back down now and things haven't got much better but at least i ain't losing a fortune anymore.

Went out and played some live cash games last night and if it hadn't been for one massive pot again against the table loon i would have been a 1k plus winner but £400 will still do nicely. I was amused in the hand to find my money went in in front when i held a straight flush draw with 2nd pair, one of his 3 outs showed on the river. Take it on the chin.

gl all



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