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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Taking a Punt

The hold em is still running ok but to be honest getting a bit boring.
The bb/100 hands is now running at a more realistic 11. something, i think if i played less
tables i could up this considerably and i think i have to start doing this anyway in order to improve my game.
9/12 tables is profitable but just a set strategy without much room for artistic play won't cut it at any level
above $2/$4.

I have been loving the PLO games lately and have to confess to taking a couple of punts at the $2/$4 level which looked
almost as weak as the 0.25/0.50 games i have been playing. The first go went stunningly well with a 4+ buy ins result
in a little over 2 hours playing only 2 tables, i honestly didn't do anything fancy but bet when i had it and mostly
mucked when i didn't. I have never read anything on omaha but the basics seem fairly obvious to me, it is game more based on betting strategy
rather than focusing on your opponents holding (hand reading is far less important i think). I don't know if my starting hand selection is 'textbook'
correct but i look to raise hands which can make more nut hands and limp stuff that can connect but might be in danger against bigger draws.
The 2nd session i played started amazingly well again and i was up 3 buy ins within 10 minutes, the pain of omaha then kicked in and reminded me
why some people play the game, TO GAMBLE. I lost 2 buy ins in consecutive pots to the same guy after getting it all in with the nuts on the turn in both
and getting rivered in each. In the 1st i would have kept it smaller if possible but when he keeps betting the pot and i have the nuts i have to go with it
, the 2nd was just ugly when i raise with AQQ10 and get re raised by the same guy, flop comes Q99 and the betting goes off again and i'm all in, he has AA94
and hits the case A on the river. I lost 2 more buy ins to a rivered boat aginst my nut flush and a rivered straight against my lower straight. I lost a bit more
on top and called it a day still up a little over the 2 sessions but oh what could have been.

I played a lot of tournaments over the weekend and came close in a few but couldn't muster a big result and lost a significant amount in pursuit of
tournament glory.

I have got to get back to the cash grind for a while to re build and not play tournaments that are out of my bankroll comfort zone.

I am considering moving almost entirely to omaha at some stage in the future as the games are just so juicy.

Unfortunately Blue scouse has ended his blog after doing all his money and i feel for him but it was always going to happen eventually. I hope he does
something with him self and maybe comes back to poker when he has learnt a little respect for money and other parts of the game he currently ignores.

Bankroll currently $1700 ish.

Gl at the tables.



  • Yeah I read Bluscouse's blog and it was car crash stuff. You could just see him going bust because he's a compulsive gambler who's tasted the highs and wasn't prepared to grind it out at the micro's or small stakes and regroup. As much as I feel sorry for him it pisses me off too that he built up to a massive amount of money then spunked it all away being a donkey whilst I have to grind it out at NL10 due to having no funds!

    By Blogger Yorkshire Pudding, At 3:35 AM  

  • I guess your experiment has failed due to the lack of updates?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 8:41 AM  

  • There were a lot of people giving bluescouse sound advice he didn't take. He thought he was the best, did you see his resolutions??

    Anyway i disagree with psrt of your blog! You said you would only update when you had something to say and that you were the type of person who thought of a comeback after ten minutes. You then went on to write a funny and interesting blog entry, contradicting your earlier statement!! Keep up the work it's good!!

    By Blogger United113, At 7:09 AM  

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