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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Swinger thats me

Got nowt to report really. Just some crazy swinging plo games, can't do a thing on tournaments at the moment. Played some 10/20 HU NLHE the other day, won 6 buyins then lost it in 2 hands against the same player catching a set against my AA then catching a set over set against me the next hand, so shit.

Seen some good music lately and got some festival tickets for summer.

gl all


Friday, March 21, 2008

My tilt is sooo bad

Built up again to 14k, i'm stunned just how bad people play this game (5/10/20 plo) at relatively high stakes.

Some total loon came to the 2 tables i was playing at, usual method is play slightly looser than normal and hope to hit (generally they do all the bluffing), for some reason i went super loose and donked 5 buyins to this guy who immediately left, he hit some outs but i still shouldn't have been that deep into the hands with what i was holding.

On total tilt now i fired up some online roulette and donked all the rest away apart from 1k which i have left, at one point i had £125 straight up on 29 and 28 with all the splits loaded also, of course it doubled on 7, weep.

Anyway, i'm a dick, i could make so much money if only i could find some discipline, i have serious mental issues i think.

Gl at the tables.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Back to crushing

I had $250 on a particular site and ran this up to 2k over a couple of days of stts and plo.

I went out on the friday night after in Manchester with a mate, got completely blasted, got in and thrashed a grand in about 10 mins before his laptop died which meant i kept the last grand. Woke up in the morning and had forgotten, remembered after an hour or so and logged into see the damage.

Of course as i'm logged in i may as well have an hour, by the end of the hour i had $100 left, getting drunk cost me nearly £1k!!!

That hundred $'s is now $15,885 after a tourney win, two other finals and some solid plo play.

I need a new car so i've withdrawn 10k and i'll be scaring the life out of some timid 1/2 plo players with the rest.

Gl at the tables


Sunday, March 02, 2008

Running like death

I'm struggling to believe just how bad i run at the moment. I really can't get a tournament score for love nor money for way to long now. The other night i logged on with the intention of playing some online tourneys, after 20 mins i couldn't be arsed anymore so decided to head out to the casino instead and left my girlfriend to play the one tourney i had not been bummed out of.

The tourney at the casino was typical re buy fair but i actually managed to accumulate a good stack for a change and finally managed to get it all in against the table loon (who in fairness admitted he didn't care and was getting it in with anything), board was ace high and i had AK, he had 97 for a gutshot which he missed but never mind the running 7's were good enough.

I was a bit fucked off with that and stormed off in a huff which is not like me. The big dealers choice game was just getting full so i sat in short with £250, and lost it all on the first hand with the nut flush all in on the turn only for the board to pair the river for £800+ pot, grr, i buy in again for £500. About 15 minutes later we see a flop of 828 two spades, i am holding 8,2,7,10,J,A with no spades, the turn is the 7 of spades and i get my last £200 in 3 ways for a £1900 approx pot, the river is a 10 and of course the arse who had got it all in with the nut flush on a paired board in 6 o was holding 10,10, double grr. I bought in again for £250 and got it in good again on the turn only to get gutshotted on the river in another decent pot, threw my cards on the table and walked out truly pissed off with it all.

On the way home the girlfriend rings and talks very excited tones, shes now 3rd in chips with 19 players left with 14k for first, i've been back and reviewed the hand history and my name must be dirt on some peoples notes! Anyway i get back and she wants me to take over but i insist she carries on and watch as she relentlessly bets everything and just keeps accumulating chips. We reach the final table bubble and the CL is on our left and we are in the blinds when the girlfriend has to go to the loo so i take over for a moment, the good lord rewards me with aces and it's folded to me, i try a little trap against the over aggresive CL and he goes for it and raises, i come back over the top for a significant lump and he calls after a dwell, flop comes AJJ, good times, i check and he checks behind, the turn is a 5 or something and i put a out a decent sized value bet and he calls, the river is another J and i bet again, he goes all in, fuck my life, i don't want to call because i just know but i have to and no surprise to see him holding J5 suited.

Anyway, thats just how this low limit balla is running currently and i am truly fucked off with it. Moan moan moan, sorry.

Currently i'm so fucking cynical about everything but who wouldn't be, anyone following the US presidential election out there? What a circus of cunts they all are. Basically it's a contest to see who gets to deep throat the corporations for the most filthy $'s, it makes me sick. To quote one of my hero's they are all 'sucking on satans cock' fucking scum.

Gl at the tables


Thursday, January 17, 2008

All or Nothing

It's weird, when i first came back to nlhe i used to play 2 tables on crypto and my greatest asset was my reads and i used to make all kinds of sick (for want of a better word) plays because i was totally involved and engrossed on trying to imagine what my oppos were thinking, feeling and trying to do.

At some point i just forgot all that and completely lost my cahjones, maybe as the players got better and i became more autopilot and sat back on what i knew were some standard winning plays, and definitely got weary and wary of it all and at that point i started to lose more consistently at cash games.

A couple of months a go a friend came over for a bit of coaching (not that i'm really qualified but i thought i could stop him losing so much). We played a really long session 4 tabling 2/4 on stars with me really concentrating and reading the players and situations as well as i could and in the end it ending up being a bit of a confidence coaching session for me e.g. me calling someones turn shove after checking with 3rd pair after putting the oppo on a very narrow range given the play, i wanted to fold (lost my cahjones) but he was saying if you believe thats what hes got then you have to call etc eventually i started playing with some balls again and surprise surprise started winning heavily again.

Basically i don't think you can be a solid winner at the game without being entirely committed to it when playing a session and you do need some talent, belief in yourself and a dedication to learning to be successful. At times i have all of these attributes but most of the time i neglect to engage them all and if i don't i'll never be a true winning mid to high stakes nlhe cash player which is what i'd like to be.

Heres to future commitment and crushaments

Gl at the tables


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Dear Miss Pokerstars (only a woman could be this evil)

Oh mistress with the sweet 'win lever' please pull it away from 'do him with a 12" wide dildo' to 'lets not improbably shaft him in every major pot, just occasionaly will do'

Deposited on pokerstars and got destroyed by them again. Mental stuff, over and over again. I'm in one more tournament and i'll forgive them if i win it.

Tournaments are such a filthy affair, you invest hours to get disgustingly violated and exit for a few dollars profit.

Twice i flopped a boat and lost to 2 overcards, i can only remember it happening twice before to me so twice in a night is crazy to say the least, i went from chip leader to out in a $100 27 man sng with 7 players left, i put my chips in 5 times in a row with the best hand and lost every one, as i type i have just exited the last tournament but it was a 3 outer so he was clearly 50/50 at worst

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to hero [Td Kd]
: folds
: calls 30
: raises 35 to 65
: folds
hero : calls
: folds
: folds
: folds
: raises 235 to 300
: folds
: folds
hero : calls 235 (tilty call, but hes played almost every pot so worth it for double through potential )
*** FLOP ***
[2d Ts Ks]
: bets 540
hero : calls 540
*** TURN ***
[2d Ts Ks] [Kh]
: raises 1470 to 2550 and is all-in
hero : calls 1305 and is all-in
*** RIVER ***
[2d Ts Ks KH] [Ad]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
: shows [Kc As] (a full house, Kings full of Aces)
hero : shows [Td Kd] (a full house, Kings full of Tens)
collected 5480 from pot

I really couldn't call my opponents idiots or anything just cold decks and horrid, improbable redraws.

Load of old bollocks.

Jose for england.

Gl all


Monday, December 03, 2007

Fuck Tournaments and Fuck Pokerstars

The number of beats i take on pokerstars is just too much for me anymore, i sit there calling the cards and they come like clockwork, it makes me wince. Sat with a mate playing the 55k the other night when we were quite deep and holding K6 in the BB 1 limper and we see a flop, K62 on the flop, we lead and get raised, we shove and get called, he holds KQ, turn is a 7 and my mate says no queen, no queen, i say - it's the another 7 that will knock us out and it duly arrives. He was gutted bless him.

Then playing the warm up and about 40 off the bubble and sitting comfy on above average chips. In the SB with 46 suited, UTG limps, i complete and the BB checks, 235 on the flop with a flush draw as well, jackpot!!!, i check and the utg limper bets the pot (oh please have a big pair!!). I re raise smallish but not minimum and he re pops the minimum, i shove and he insta calls outchipping me by a few thousand, must have a big pair obviously, well no he.s got K2 suited (but no flush draw), woohoo, to say the running KK upset me would be an understatement, the mrs said i was quite scarily aggressive when i was shouting at the screen and stomping about.

Seriously though, pokerstars will have no more deposits from me ever, i took so many other sickening beats over the 4 days that i just have to embrace my irrational 'it's fucking rigged' mentality and move away because it makes me feel better.

Oh dear i've become everything i hate about poker bloggers, i've descended in to a bad beat rant, what a twat, fuck it and fuck pokerfuckingstars and their rigged fucking rng.

Love you all (apart from twatting pokerstars obviously)

Gl at the tables


Friday, November 30, 2007

Big Rushes

(dan in the comments asks how rushing $20 into a 4k roll is done, well heres how i did it)

It does sound almost ludicrous but if you have a complete disregard for the money it's not that hard.

In this run, i played a $10 30 man sng and a $5 20 seat sng to start, i scooped 2nd in the $10 and won the $5. Giving me $150 and change in the account. I then sat at 2 0.50/0.50 full ring plo tables and entered a $5 rebuy and a $10 freezeout. I eventually took 2nd in the $10 for $550 and cashed deep in the $5 for about $120 (taking a sickening beat in this to go out 23rd AA v AQ all in on A high flop runner runner broadway for the oppo, so sick).

The plo had both been reasonable winning about 3 buy ins on one table and 1 and a 1/2 on another before i logged off them when getting deep in the tourneys.

This put me to nearly 1k on the first night. I went to bed and had trouble sleeping so got back up and logged on to 2 hu 1/1 plo tables, i found a loon joined me on one and i took 7 buy ins off him in about an hour and the other table managed to win a buy in or so off some shortstackers.

this put me around 1.8k for the first night.

The 2nd night i had a real taste for HU plo and played for hours at 2 tables and played 2 tourneys. The tourneys went shite i think and i don't think i cashed. But the plo went well at 1/1, i can't remember how much i won, the only cool thing i remember was being up to $300 and something when a $40 shortstacker sat in, he took me for the lot hitting some crazy draws and playing incredibly aggro in almost every pot, just a matter of time to bust him but it just wasn't happening, i bought in again and he got this to.
He then said he was leaving, all very friendly, and i bemoaned this fact and that it was rude to run etc etc, it took 5 minutes or so of quality chat to convince him to stay, eventually he did play on and he was busted about 20 mins later.

I played a couple of $100 stts in there on the last session of the original rush and some 2/2 and 5/5 plo and won 1 and had no place in the other stt and did brilliantly at the 2/2 plo, i remember check raising a guy about 5 pots in a row (against him, not in sequence) and every time i had it and knew he would have to break and lose it all which he did twice.

At the end of that session i had 4.2k.

Thats how you have huge rushes, you have to risk the first small amount to win enough to get you into a few bigger games. Then, and this is most important, you need a decent tournament score to get you going (i almost always seem to run great for a while after this as well). Then don't be scared to play anything that you're not rolled for, 5/6 buy ins is plenty.
Don't play scared (have absolutely no fear of putting $400 of your $450 BR in a pot if your favourite) and just run well hopefully.

Gl at the tables


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Peaks and Troughs

Played on a new site for me recntly after they deposited $20 for me to play with as an enticement.

I ran it up to $4.2k in 3 sessions then ran it down to $200 in a night then just as i was bollocking myself back for being a cock i came 2nd in one of there nightly re buys for $3.8k, i resolved to play disciplined PLO that i am correctly rolled for, that lasted about 10 minutes before i hit the 5/5 and 10/10 tables, things went great and i peaked at i think just over 10k. Then i got into an argument with someone after playing pretty badly but managing to backdoor flush him in a fairly big pot. The standard heads up challenge was issued by him and i accepted.

I had had a few beers and was playing extremely aggro and all went well initially as he kept on folding and folding, then he started to call quite light now and again and we were around even then i hit easily the driest spell of cards imaginable and playing aggro plo against players who will call light when you are missing every flop is a recipe for disaster. Normally i'd lay off in this situation and try to change strategy but my drunken strategy was that i was going to have to hit the big hand soon and catch him calling light and break him. The hand never arrived and i did nearly 7k over about an hour, horrible play and horrible result.

I managed to play disciplined the next day and somehow lost 13bi's at 1/1, missed every draw and the oppo's hit every draw, it was ugly and i was fully tilted. I did in a buyin at 10/10 in frustration and that left the account at about $600 and i haven't been back.

I'm a knob.

GL at the tables.


Saturday, November 10, 2007

Haven't played much.

I've been away most of october and barely played online, i had one very good session and one very bad which cancelled each other out. The last 2 sessions have been fairly bad just missing every draw imaginable and it stings a bit and gets most frustrating as it continues but i suppose at some time it will even up and i'll run like god for a while.

I was in a euro city while there was a big tournament going on so i paid a visit and sat in a 5/10 hold em game for about 2 hours, i ran pretty well but the local idiots were just giving their money away to me with the best being - I raise pre flop with AK and get 4 callers, Flop comes AA10, i bet, next guy calls, one guy folds and the other dwells for a minute before shoving $600 into the pot, i go all in and the other guy calls. The turn is a ten and the river a blank. Me and the original guy split the pot (he had A7 ffs) and the shover shows J10??????????????

I then moved over to the 10/20 plo game that was just starting and it was a really mental game, every pot raised and re raised pre flop, luurrvvely. I end up with the nuts (broadway) and the nut flush draw the after only 10 or so hands, the pot swells to nearly 3.5k with 3 opponents on the turn when i make my flush, sadly it paired up on the river and that was that pot. 1/2 an hour later i end up getting $1200 in pre flop with AA10J double suited against 5 opponents (some of them all in for less than the 1200) my last $400 goes in on the flop of A85 rainbow and gets called by everybody still in!!!! The turn is a beautiful 5, one guy turned his bare 5 over hopefully at the showdown, lol. 7.3k pot, woohoo, my bigest ever.

I left 20 minutes later and took the missus on a shopping spree and night out on the tiles.

I intend to sort of hibernate a bit this winter and try to really get something going online, online players are so much tougher than live players. I'm going to stay away from the 10/20 as it can be a really tough game but hope to get there consistenly sometime early next year.

Good luck at the tables


P.S. Whoever came to the blog via this google search shoud probably think about relaxing a bit

"suck out cunts playing online poker deserve death" sent 1 total visits


PPS. My Girlfriend had never seen close encounters of the third kind so i got it the other day and watched it with her. We then had a bizarre conversation where i told her if aliens wanted to abduct me and take me round the universe that i would have to go, she got quite upset and in the end i had to promise that i would only go if she could go to. moral - women are fucking lunatics but you should still say whatever keeps them happy. (ps, sorry sweetheart but when they come for me you're fucking history, get over it. x)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Task Schmask

Completely failed to stick to the task, i spunked the stars roll so deposited $200 on wednesday night. When i stopped playing this morning at 1am the roll had grown to $19,500 and change. Pretty sick few days in all.

I managed to win a few sats to wcoop events and sold them on, the standard is so poor in them it's mind boggling. When i sit there thinking i will probably need to win a pot to get a seat usually, i can just relax in these as they donk eachother out with relentless reliability.

I won 8.8k in one of there daily tournaments and have just been killing the $1/$2 PLO games, also won at $2/$4 and $5/$10.

There are a band of players who appear to think they know what they are doing at PLO and are of the opinion that i don't, they've even said as much in the chat box. It's so funny, they have their more advanced pre flop play pretty good but as soon as the flop hits i think they have absolutely no idea how to play without the nuts or monster draws.

I've ran great agaisnt one player but played him well also and he continues to sit to my left and make his isolating plays and buying the button etc but just keeps going bust to me or folding on the flop when i almost invariably check raise or 3 bet him, hes so confused now hes started to call off his stack with one pair and the like, n0 idea of reverse implied odds and i'm pretty sure most of them haven't got a clue what their odds are against my range on the flop where as i usually know almost exactly where i am.

But even at 5/10 there are fools, there is one really great player though who plays very similarly to me (that sounds so conceited) but it was a real validation for me that my style (which i came up with on my own mostly) is used by one of the most profitable players at that level.

Anyway, i've decided to not fuck about anymore with challenges and just play when i can and feel like and hopefully just keep winning and pay for my house or something with the profits.

Good luck at the tables


Monday, September 10, 2007

New Challenge

I have created a new challenge for myself with more short term goals.

It's called the 110% challenge.

I'm playing purely PLO on 4 different sites and everytime i increase my bankroll by 110% i withdraw 10 % and use it for something fun, probably.

I started four nights ago with two $100 deposits and two £100 deposits.

I couldn't face anything below 0.10/0.25 so i started there, terrible BR management i know...

I passed through $210 on stars in a little over half an hour. Crypto I am at $148. UB = $170 and FT = $68.

I have read a couple of PLO books lately, i recommend Rolf Slotbottoms Secrets of, although the matchups part at the end is quite skinny but it at least gets you thinking. Reubens - How good is your - I do not recommend this book at all, it certainly has some useful thoughts but the scoring system is dire and revealing player traits in the reveals that should guide your thinking is just really fucking stupid.

Life is pretty dull at that moment but i came up with a million dollar idea for poker sites the other day so if anyone from betfair or mansion wants me to tell them how to increase the cash poker market margins and tournaments profits considerably just leave me a contact.

I have been doing a little betfair trading with varying degrees of success but i think i've found a niche in a not to popular sport that i hope will be very profitable.

Gl All


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Remember this post...

Funny Hand

I'm not a ranter about so called fish but sometimes they definately amaze you win or lose.

I found the below hand whilst reviewing my PT database.

Names have been removed as i don't think it's appropriate -

The most creative bluff ever?????

Table 'Natalie' 9-max Seat #1 is the button
Seat 1: ($23.80 in chips)
Seat 2: ($24.50 in chips)
Seat 3: ($14 in chips)
Seat 5: ($26 in chips)
Seat 6: ($40.55 in chips)
Seat 7: ($25.90 in chips)
Seat 8: ($25.10 in chips)
Seat 9: ($13.80 in chips)
hero:: posts small blind $0.10
:: posts big blind $0.25
: sits out
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to hero [9h Ac]
: folds
: calls $0.25
: folds
: calls $0.25
: folds
: folds
: calls $0.15
: checks
*** FLOP *** [3d 3s 3h]
hero: checks
: checks
nutter: checks
: checks
*** TURN *** [3d 3s 3h] [3c]
hero: bets $3.50
: folds
nutter: raises $30 to $33.50
: folds
hero: calls $20.75 and is all-in
*** RIVER *** [3d 3s 3h 3c] [9d]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
hero: shows [9h Ac] (four of a kind, Threes)
nutter: mucks hand
hero collected $47.05 from pot
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot $49.50 | Rake $2.45

he mucked K8.

Don't worry dude pros don't understand the implictions when there are quads on the board either, i love how she tries to get herself out of it. Who's knob did you suck to get a sponsorship deal love?


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Controlling Tilt

I played for 5 hours yesterday, played very well and ended up losing 5 buy ins. Was horrible, i got hit from everywhere by any card that was required by my oppos for about 2 hours at the end. I had been up nearly 4 buy ins over the first 3 hours, then suddenly it turned and by the end i was an irrational shouting mad man. I got one outered twice in 5 mins for full buy ins, which is pretty sick anyway you look at it.

Thank god i logged off as i felt like i was going to explode with frustration. One good thing was at least i didn't tilt my money off i just kept on getting it in ahead.

One guy backdoored me twice after being all in on the flop with an under set both times.

Anyway, sorry to rant about bad sessions, was just really fucked off with it.

Congrats to UKgatsby who has won 20 tournaments this year!! Thats quality mate, maybe you should step up a bit. Link on the right ->

Gl all


Saturday, August 04, 2007

An interesting Tournament Exit.

I seem to have lost all abilities in tournaments now but i don't play very many, so maybe it's to be expected.

An example of my loss of skill amused me the other night on line, playing the 5ok gtd on stars and we are down to 28 and i'm quite excited as i haven't run deep in a decent prize pool for ages. The guy 2 to my right hasn't got out of line once and appeared to seriously consider folding JJ pre flop to a big blind re steal for about half his stack. I'm playing only one table with no distractions so keeping lots of notes, for this guy i type in SS RR! (Super Solid Respect Raises). On the next orbit with me in the SB just under average chips which gives plenty of room he comes in for a raise and i have 99, i insta shove he calls and flips KK and it's good night, i hit my 9 as well but he had already hit his king on the flop. Not exactly skill loss just pure stupidity. Ah well.

Played some live tournament poker recently and can't get anywhere in that either even though i feel i'm playing well. Hands are just drying up and i'm not coming through my all ins from in front or behind.
I had this bloke telling me the other night about all this odds and position stuff is a load of bollocks it's about putting all your chips in when it feels right and winning, not complete madness i have to admit, but when he called an all in from the chip leader with 14 left when he was 2nd chip leader with QUEEN fucking TEN os, also bearing in mind the chip leader had turned over premium cards only and played very few pots it was extreme bravery (read: lunacy). Chip leader had AA and you don't need to hear who won surely....
He was well full of himself then, the loud shouting and fistpumping was a bit distasteful for a £20 re buy (or any tournament imo).
I won't ridicule him too much as he is also a professional fighter and to be blunt scary as fuck, so on the off chance....
Anyway his call is now disected by a few and much to my dismay i was called as first witness for the defence, i knew i should of been a man and disagreed instead of nodding like a fucking lapdog when he was going on about his strategy before. Some of the others know i don't hold with his ideas so i have to sheepishly say well to be honest that was terrible play etc, oh dear, i feel genuine malice oozing from him and to be frank i was bricking it (when i said scary, i mean dirty pants frightening, take my girlfriend just please don't hit me etc). Now some drunken arsehole see his chance for revenge after i told him he was talking bollocks earlier about some sporting 'facts' he was quoting, he chimes in with 'he's been takin the piss out of you fred*'. Thanks a lot you cunt. I consider just upping and leaving my chips but there is 1.5k for 1st and i'm just above average chips and the 2 to my right are giving up their blinds if i so much as look their way so it seemed worth the risk.
The table remains pretty much silent for the next few hands and i looked at my cards and ahead only for the entire time, i exited the comp in 12th when my Ak was no match for A10 but i wasn't too sad as i could get the fuck out of there.
Just as i stand up i hear medieval roar from my right, the gap between my feet and the floor grows quickly as he lifts me above his head in a bench press style (i'm not a big bloke but 12 stone is no feather), we are right by the barrier to the rest of the casino and he launches me over it and i land luckily on my feet and do a bit of commando roll while he's yelling 'fuck off ya twat' and jumping the barrier.
I break into a sprint and leg it thorugh the casino (i'm 32 years old ffs, this shouldn't be happening to me!!), the mass gambling hoardes of the friday night punters are there and every single one is looking at me running like the scared little man i am.
I dive in the car and after a bit of sweeny style driving in the car park i'm on the open road to freedom with my face and limbs in tact, strangely i just couldn't stop laughing which has been my response to most of the life or death situations i have been in (anyone know why we do this?).
After a mintue or so my phone starts ringing and i pull over to answer it as i could do with calming down anyway, i answer it and all i can hear is the hysterical laughing of 30 odd poker playing bastards who have just pulled off the best wind up i have ever had inflicted upon me.
I just could not join in their hilarity and refused to come back, imagine the embarrasement of walking back through that casino, i returned the other night and was greeted by a huge cheer and endless piss taking and a big hug from fred*.


Anyway the whole episode has cheered me right up as i've been getting really cynical and grumpy old manish for a while and it was nice to be reminded of how funny and interesting life can be.

Gl at the tables


*not real name

Monday, July 23, 2007

I Play Bad

Well not to bad but not as good as i need to.

Been playing a lot of 5/10 plo and the better players have definately exposed all my deficiencies at plo. I don't know my numbers well enough, i'm sometimes over aggresive, i bet myself out of pots, i'm too loose against medium stacks, i call too much, i don't isolate bad players enough, i get very frustrated when i don't make hands for a long time and i tilt when i take bad beats in big pots.

I have started to address all these issues but it's going to take a while, i've stepped down to mostly 2/4 and along with the usual mugs giving there money away i'm trying a few new strategies or just moves really. I definately think my worst bits are not isolating bad players pre flop with my reasonable hands, this has only really been exposed at higher levels as raising to isolate at 1/2 and 2/4 doesn't work nearly as well, just creates big multiway pots which is great if you run good. I must know my numbers better, i can work it all out but i need to know it off by heart so i can play quicker and without pressure of having to work out my equity in big pots/i need to think about the player and the play so far in the hand rather than outs and equity taking up all the time.

As these better players play me like the bad player i probably am at 5/10 i need to adjust to beat the bad players more consistently there and also adjust to exploit the better players perception of me which is what i'm quite looking forward to, i just haven't figured out exactly how to do it yet. Their pre flop raising is perfect most of the time when in position so waiting for better position on them at the tables and probably playing back at them quite similarly to how they play me will be a start then move on from there.

Quite enjoying poker at the moment.

Gl at the tables


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Played some $25/$50 plo last night, well 1 hand to be precise.

Bought in for 2.5k, mateyboy raised my BB 3 callers, got it all in on the flop as 70 % fav, on the turn i was 95% and on the river i was 2.5k poorer, very funny.

Won it back at 5/10 over an hour or so after so wasn't to gutted but i was never going to regret the money just my bad luck for him to hit one of his 2 outs.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Table Selection, Table Selection, Table Slection

I have to admit to playing a bit of 2/4, 3/6 and 5/10 plo on stars lately.
It was strange how much i hated online poker, then we went out into to the sticks for a week and a bit, when i say sticks i mean the sticks. I didn't watch TV, use a computer, listen to a radio or read a paper for 9 days, it was very liberating but fuck me i was itching for a game when i got back.

I started small at 1/2 and 0.50/1 plo and ran really well so took a shot at the 3/6 and again ran well and in then i have played quite a bit just flying between the levels when a game looks good enough to play at any stakes, i very nearly went for the $25/$50 level but bottled it basically, but the game was crazy which is just how i like it.

The title at the top is mantra that every serious poker player should chant religiously when they sit down to play cash games.

It' so easy to hover around and jump in the first game there is a free seat but you simply cost yourself money by doing this unless your lucky.

Best to open up games and watch them for a while to find a game that suits your style, if you haven't figured out what kind of table suits your game you shouldn't really be playing.

If you have to get in quick try to figure which stats your favourite gametypes produce or just look at the stats (when you are in a game you like and when you are in a game you don't like) in the game on the lobby and figure out why the hands per hour rate is low or high, why the ave pot is big or small, do you like lots of players in each flop. This can offer you a shortcut to reasonable games but you should still tend to watch games first.

I had all this perfectly illustrated to me the other night when i was playing 4 games, a mix of 2/4 and 3/6 and ran well intially then lost a couple of unlucky ones and just got transfixed into getting my money back off the players who i assumed to be terrible. I paid no attention as the games changed drastically and became the kind of games i hate, very tight mostly folds to pre flop raises and fat bets on the flop usually taking it down. I sat there for3 hours just slowly dribbling money here and there and picking up a bit her and there. Suddenly i snapped out of it and thought this is shit, had a quick look round and found a decent 5/10 game and 2 decent 2/4 games, 45 minutes later... bingo, up 5 buy ins. I was just annoyed i had wasted 3 hours previously.

Not that money matters towards any sort of total anymore but i am ahead nearly 5,700 in just over a week.

Table Selection, Table Selection, Table Slection

Write it on a post it, along with NO TILT and stick it on your monitor, i guarantee if you stick to it, you will make more money playing cash games than you currently do.

Gl at the tables


Monday, June 04, 2007

Today i have officially given up online poker.

I absolutely detest it, played a few of the majors last night and still couldn't get remotely interested in it. So much so that i shoved all in every hand on the 3 tourneys i was in when i finally decided to fuck it off, i had reasonable stacks in two but i really just couldn't face several more hours of it.

I am starting a business with a friend hopefully and i'd like to give that a lot of my spare time to try and make a go of it.

I will still play live whenever i can and purely for entertainment and the competition rather than as a serious money making venture.

I have actually learnt a lot about myself trying to do this, i think as little as 3/4 years ago i could have pulled it off but i've changed in that i don't like/can't justify sitting for hours on end at the screen while the world passes me by.

Wannabe poker pros remember that very few players actually make it to the big time, less than 1% i'd say. With the wealth of info resources available to a budding poker player now, if you haven't started to earn enough to live on inside 3 years you should forget any notion of trying to be a pokerstar, IT AIN'T HAPPENING.

Have fun with it, use your expendable income trying to sattelite into big events and get on tv etc. Really just enjoy it and stop making it such a grind on yourself.

Fuck poker forums - don't waste your lives unless you are researching - they are full of morons, objectionable pedants, obnoxious cunts and the odd decent soul.

Remeber in all things you do online to do with poker that someone is trying to make some money off you, learn to recognise the money grabbing fuckers and object (that means you suffolkpunch).

I'd like to say it's been emotional but it hasn't really, the poker has just been dull at least i found out that i couldn't do it seriously probably a lot quicker than i would plodding along semi seriously.

Thanks to the 7,000+ people who happened to read some of my waffle.

Good Luck all. in your future endeavours, fare thee well.

(i withdrew the roll and booked a rocking holiday in south america for me and the mrs so that is one very big +)

Sunday, June 03, 2007


I disabled my username on sharkscope almost as soon as the site appeared but out of curiosity i wanted to have a look at my ratings etc. I sent off the email and they reactivated instantly.

My roi stats were the most intrersting, at $5 level my roi is over 70%, not sure how but i was very surprised. I have decent roi's at every level apart from $33 which strangely shows a - 18% figure. I have thought previously that for some reason i do crap at this level but maybe i just run bad on it for a long time rather than a specific poker reason.

My overall roi is +36% over 983 with an average profit of $9, i think this is very good as i don't play the 180 man sngs that the leaderboard leaders seem to amass their amazing roi's at.

I am of course a shark, gloat... stupid how i somehow feel all proud of this little swimming shark fin.

I always try to be player x and get it quitely but i think it's gainst human nature not to lord it a bit.

Gl all.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Sometimes Gambling is Great

I have been gambling like mad lately, mainly roulette. Either in the casino, online or the bookies and i've booked a £7600 win overall. I have hit some amazing runs including two triples on my big number, 29 and 8 i love you... Whilst playing in the casino on the automated version i had moved to the tierre numbers and amazingly had a run of 13 hits including the triple on 8.

I did a lump back the other day but paid off my credit card and gave my girlfreind a grand to keep her sweet and pay for our hols coming up in June and got the plastering done in my house so actually have about £400 left of it but still feel really happy to have everything paid that i would of had to work for.

I have played some live tourneys without joy, i'm definately bluffing to much and am a bit sick to have correctly put players on underpairs to the board and been called everytime i try to bet them out of the hand. On 3 of them the opponent said words to the effect of i think i must be beat but..... why call then you fuckers ;=)

I've done great in live cash games lately and absolutely destroyed the big local dealers choice game one night last week. I hit almost everything and most of the better players who usually play were absent so hitting everything with a table full of bad gamblers was the perfect recipe for a £2.2k win.

I played a medium sized hold em game the day after and played as well as i can remember with good calls, laydowns and value bets. I waited for the right players to play pots with and waited specifically for one player who done amazing with some very poor hands, he won a huge 3 way pot with 3rd pair and crap kicker with no draw (his hand was top pair on the flop). Eventually i found the spot to take him on when he raised pre flop short handed and i looked down to see some cowboys, i put in a solid raise and he called. A flop of KJx looked nice and i checked, he obliged with a big bet and i set him all in, he called instantly and flipped Q10 and of course rivered the 9 for a £1350 pot, damn it. He left immediately which i really dont' like but i suppose hes free to do it so fair enough. I won a chunk back playing 6 card omaha heads up against a reasonable player but i think i was again lucky to run great and it didn't take long to bust him.

Played some omaha on prima the other day and can tell anyone who plays the game that there are some v bad players on there, i did very well in the 2 sessions i played at $2/$4, i stacked 2 players who c/r me with non nut draws on the flop when i was pot commited anyway, crazy fuckers.

Currently i like poker but still can't sit down to a serious session of online tournaments or cash without getting painfully bored.

Gl all.

Glastonbury soon, woo hoo.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Edith fucking Bowman et al

What's on your show today edith? Will you be requesting and then reading out texts for 2 hours about some boring scenario you scribbled on the back of a fag packet when you were in the pub last night, the same pub where you got slightly pissed and did something hilarious which provided you with todays 10 minute boring as fuck anecdote about dropping your fucking chips or something. £100,000 a year probably, fucking joke.

As for you moyles you total fuckwit, please don't think your funny because of the lapdog sycophants your surrounded by keep laughing at your sub standard teenage office humour, i reveled in david walliams making you look like the total twat you are, funny how when confronted by someone with actual inteligence and wit you crumble embarassingly and i don't even like david walliams (well i do a bit now). Saviour of radio 1 on 1/2 a mill a year, do me a favour, cock.

And the rest of you, apart from westwood because you crack me up.

Please just fuck off you talentless bunch of dickheads.

Change the radio station i hear you muttering..... I like to shout at the radio and it makes my girlfriend laugh so i can't.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

I think i've given up.

I decided to start some new hobbies and have really been enjoying them, even though they don't make me any money.

I can't seem to play more than 1/2hr without getting really bored and wanting to donk off my chips and go and do something else.

I haven't played for nearly a month online. I have played some live dealers choice which i really enjoy but grinding it out online might just be over.

I have been through times like this before though and then gone on extended poker binges so never say never.

Gl All


Friday, April 06, 2007

The Toffee boy is back. Poker roller coaster in links section.

He seems to be running well.

When will he next be broke?

under 4 weeks 1/10
4 to 6 weeks 11/2
Over 6 weeks 1/10000000

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Deliverance, Ambivalence and Comedic Incompetence

Deliverance (Getting fucked in the arse by a river)

I played a crazy live tournament the other night with a run of sick rivers i have never seen the likes of before. Every big pot i played in someone got 'deliveranced' (have i coined it?). I could work out the cumulative odds but i can't be bothered. I delivered my fair share and received my fair share. Here are some i can remember -

Early in re buys - 3 way all in on the turn, me = nut flush, oppo 1 = K high flush, oppo 2 Q high flush. 1 outer to straight flush for oppo 2 duly delivered. Squeal piggy.

Middle of re buys and i get the chips back from oppo 2 in the previous hand. - Me AQ, oppo AK. Flop = AA10, all in on flop. River Q. Oh squeal piggy, he bitched about this as well even after i reminded him of his table thumping when he hit a 1 outer earlier.

Late in re buys - Me = KK, mateyboy = 56s. Flop K69 one of his suit. All in flop, runner runner flush. Scream out loud piggy.

Still late in Re buys - Me = KQ, Oppo A10os. Flop KKA. All in on flop, turn = rag. River, hmm A. Squeal me.

20 mins after end of re buys - Me = QQ oppo = A8. All in pre flop, Flop A88. Guess the river??? Q. Squeal lady piggy.

Bit Later - Me = AA, oppo KK. all in on rag flop, guess the river. K. Squeal me, especially at table thumping celebration, but i shall deliver my revenge!!

Final Table 2nd hand - Me = KK, Mateyboy = 55. All in pre flop. Flop and turn Q976, river 8. Squeal me. Mateyboy said sorry, never say sorry, because you don't mean it.

Later on Final table - Me = 52os, Oppo = 109s. All in Pre flop in blinds.. errr. Flop K43, 2of his suit, turn 9. Guess the river... Aos. Squeal river K hitting mateyboy.

Even later on Final table - Me = JJ in sb - Oppo A9 in BB. All in pre flop. Flop 9xx, turn x, Guess the river... 9. Squeal me.

My final hand (3 handed) - Me = A5 os - Oppo AQ. Flop A25. All in on flop. Turn 10. River ..... 10. Squeal dejectedly away.

Damn it was a fun tournament.


My reaction to beats or bad play gets less and less emotional all the time. I still lose my rag massively sometimes at home, tilt tilt tilt. But live i don't even bat an eyelid, this scares the other players a bit to which always helps.

You have to get over taking beats or your judgment will be forever clouded with emotion rather than the cold hard facts.

You take care of your bit and let odds take care of themselves.

Comedic Incompetence

Playing some roulette after busting out the other night a croupier made my night with a catastrophic 5 minutes of slapstick fuck ups.

She arrives at the table and i am the first to request a colour, all four stacks collapse accross the layout as she tries to push it over 3 times in a row, on the fourth time i lean over and grab it myself, which she seems quite happy about.

Everyone else gets sorted and she spins the wheel. One matey is calling out his bets and his last bet involves a few bets with the last being 17 and the splits by £1. She fails to place this bet. The ball lands in 20 (a split of 17 for those who don't know).
Matey asks where his final bet is before she places the dolly on the table.
A quick chat with pit boss confirms bet was called.
She for some reason doesn't now place the bet but puts the dolly on 17 and clears the layout. LOL.
The mistake is swiftly pointed out but it's to late.

£1 is now placed and matey who called the bets points out he had 3 chips on 20.
Pit boss (head in hands) tries to attract attention of camera watchers, but this is taking a while.
While we are waiting, i request some more colour as does the guy next to me with 2 £5 chips, she places these on the rim of the wheel.
We now go through chip stacks scatterd accross the layout performance again, finally this is resolved (i lean over and grab them).
Croupier now goes for the 2 £5 but knocks them into the wheel. Me = LOL, croupier now just shaking her head demending that she be taken off.
Croupier retrieves the 2 x £5 chips and gives them to the guy who is waiting for the camera decision on his 3 chips on 20.
Guy who passed over the 2 x £5 chips waits a shortwhile before asking if he can have his £10 back. He is foreign but perfectly understanble.
Croupier tells pit boss that guy is saying he also had £10 on 20, (i am now in convulsions and think i may burst).
Croupier desperately trying to get camera guys attention now.
Croupier has small argument with foreign guy questioning his claim for money on 20 until someone explains that he would just like his £10 back.
Pit boss gives up trying to get the attention of camera guy and informs the croupier to just pay out anything we say we had.
£10 bloke now looks a bit miffed having done himself out of £350.
Croupier now payout 3 chips on 20 guy with my colour which she again carnages acroos the layout. ROFLMAO.
Finally, croupier red faced, pit boss looking like hes on the verge of coronary and table of wildly amused punters we are ready for the next spin.
I would love to say she now launched the ball accross the room trying to spin and hit someone in the eye but sadly she didn't make another mistake.

Gl at the tables


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Done My Conkers Online

Things were going so well at $1/$2 plo i stepped up to early playing $2/$4 and got completely anhilated and failed to step back down quick enough. It wasn't bad play just ran terribly, which caused me to make some bad decisions, so i suppose it was bad play.

I lost a $2.2k pot with the 2nd nuts against a lunatic who had sat down with $160 and played every pot and got up to nearly 1.5k in about 20 minutes. He flung in a massive bet at almost every pot he was in and i just couldn't chuck although i knew i was beat on the re raise all in. He launched a bit of a verbal attack on everyone and the table seemed to lose a leg as everyone tilted right up. It was maybe the craziest table i've ever played online as we all tried to get enough chips to bust the loon. He just kept on winning though with almost every hand he played and took to re raising the pot pre flop all the time and invariably hitting enough to win at showdown or getting the opponent to fold when they missed.

Things went badly from there and i did nearly 2.5k over 5 hours or so, eek.

Dropped back down now and things haven't got much better but at least i ain't losing a fortune anymore.

Went out and played some live cash games last night and if it hadn't been for one massive pot again against the table loon i would have been a 1k plus winner but £400 will still do nicely. I was amused in the hand to find my money went in in front when i held a straight flush draw with 2nd pair, one of his 3 outs showed on the river. Take it on the chin.

gl all


Sunday, March 18, 2007

Played 1 / Won 1

Have been on holiday this week and only had a chance of one night at the tables.

Fired up one tourney and 3 x 0.50/1.00 plo tables.

Played ridiculously aggressive from close to the bubble to the final hand (3 stellas is optimum drinking level for poker i have discovered). Particularly enjoyed busting a total wanker heads up who bitched about me raising almost every hand and celebrated when i lost a race to become shortstack at the FT, loved it when he annouced he was going to enjoy busting me. He was strangely quiet as he lost the final hand, ha ha.

Everything going well on the plo tables although i'm still losing a few pots i where i should know better.

Bankroll $8450ish

Gl at the tables


Friday, March 09, 2007

I'm Still Here

Have been playing almost exclusively plo for the last 3 weeks, trying to learn a bit more about playing it profitably online.

The same rules apply as nlhe, that you must be picking up enough small and cheap pots to keep you ahead in between the big pots.

This is easier said than done playing at the lower levels and choosing your victim is paramount. Been working on my game and had some great sessions and some painful sessions but showing a reasonable profit overall. I think i can get this much better as i refine my game and get rid of some of the losing plays.

I am pretty sure that the nlhe cash games on stars are getting tougher noticeably as loads and loads of people with a lot more time than me are grinding it out at the low stakes multitabling. I think most of them are playing with small BB/100 hands rates that their tag games produce.
When i said tougher i mean there are less people throwing the money around so the big pots are fewer and farther between than they used to be. I reckon at least 5 of the players are complete rocks at every 9 handed game i sit at.

With that in mind i went for the omaha games, 1 major drawback is that i can only really play 3 at a time effectively but i'm sure this will grow as i get better.

Played quite a few stts and had an amazing run at one point. I won 13 HU stts in a row and cashed in 8 in a row stts in one long session, with 5 of those being wins. The FACT that pokerstars is rigged was proved soundly after this as i was given a stream of crushing beats on the next session and got thouroughly demoralised. (pokerstars isn't rigged btw).

Quick easy guide to HU stts at low levels

  • Keep the pots small early on unless you have a big hand
  • Don't play to raises out of position with shit hands
  • Bet, Raise, Re raise means your top pair isn't good (not always true but if stacks are still deep no need to risk it)
  • Let them have their way with you early doors
  • To use an angling saying 'get them taking confidently' then crush their dreams when the pots are worth pinching and their deeply thought out assesment of your play is, 'he's weak as fuck'.
  • Players will call 500 out of 700 stack because they have 200 left but won't call for it all, so knock lumps out rather than trying to chop off their heads in one shot.

Bankroll is $3700

Gl at the tables


Saturday, February 10, 2007

Finding your Balls, Minding Your Balls and Doing Your Bollocks

I have never been and doubt i ever will be a confrontational type of person. I'm not quick witted or particularly interesting e.g. i come up with a great put down 10 minutes after it was required and i'm crap at telling a story.

This blog on reflection and read through is boring as fuck, when i started i had no intention of writing something that was a great read, just something to motivate myself and maybe get some good advice. But if even the author is bored to tears by something it must be bad. So i think i will only post when i have something mildly interesting to say (hopefully).

As to the title of this thread it all stems from me finally coming to terms with my hatred of what i like to call 'the snivelling little cunts' of the live poker world.
They come in many forms, some of which i'm sure you will recognise...

The Poker Sage (often bouyed by other poker sages at the table)

I don't mind, in fact i encourage anyone to discuss a hand or play after a tournament or in a break. But i fucking hate the pompous arseholes who do a commentary through the game and basically tell everyone how bad they are playing if they didn't have the best hand pre flop even if they win the hand.
I hate seeing some new players being constantly told how badly they are playing because one of these wankers thinks his weak tight game is the only correct way to play. They win like a tournament a year and think they are the greatest player ever.
I have one guy who i almost cry when i have to sit next to him, he literally never stops talking in my ear, and no fucking about either in a hand he will tell me wether i should fold or call.

Shut the fuck up you PRICKS.

The Clingers (Often the same people as the Sages)

Simply have no idea how to play without a monster stack. They pass pass pass trying desperately to get to the money, often just to get their money back. The only way these dicks win tournaments is when the deck hits them in the face for the entire tournament.
For example playing the other night and we get to the final table and king of 'the snivelling little cunts' (as he embodies all the loathsome traits) has the 3.5 BB's, the final table is 10 handed with 8 paying and they have been desperately trying to get some money off the top to get their money back but this has been scuppered but thats another story i will divulge shortly.
Long story short he passes for 2 rounds and is eventually forced to put his last 0.5 bb's in the BB, i have to confess to being slightly poker sagey here as i just couldn't help exclaiming 'what the fuck could you pass there?' when he refused to make up from the SB last round. Thankfully he lost and exited 9th for absolutely nothing, woo hoo (i got more enjoyment from that than winning the comp).
The story i alluded to before is where the finding your balls in the title comes from. We get down to 12 players in this tournament i am prob CL, there are 2 guys at the table who seem quite new to live poker but realise their shorstacks need to get moving and are making good pushes and survivng the odd call. All the time 2 'SLC's' are blinding themselves off knowing for almost certain that they will be able to negotiate some money back if they reach the final table.
Common style quotes would include 'you can't get nothing for the final table surely?' or 'We deserve something'.... if the przie structure says you get nothing then you deserve absolutely fuck all.
Anyway, i don't think this is fair with these 2 lads playing without realising this is effectively the bubble so i steal both the 'SLC's' Blinds leaving them near the felt then call over the TD and inform him that i will be vetoeing all deals until at least4 handed. I can see their heads are nearly exploding at this point and the 2 new guys both smile at me seeming to get what was going on. These fuckers truly hate me now and i'm so glad i don't have to listen to their bullshit anymore.

Next in the list

Nippers (Can you buy me in mate as i forgot my wallet, i'll get you the money later etc etc)

Just fuck off. If you haven't got any money you're not in the game.
Nippers get double points for cuntishness if you see them pulling out a twenty at the bar to buy drinks after you bought them into a £10 re buy.
If your new to the live scene, set your stall out early, 'no borrowing or lending ever, sorry mate'.

Intimidators (often also slimey fucks/angle shooters)

Trying to gain an edge through thinly veiled thretening behaviour, especially if it's towards women or newbs. I have one guy i despise who gives it the i don't give a fuck don't raise my blinds line, this is interspersed with quiet insults directed at anyone who beats him or calls him without the nuts. He's a big guy and looks pretty mean and hes just a twat. I raise his blinds on principle and despite his promises he has yet to shove over the top even once.
Anlge shooters are such sad bastards, 'string bet, string bet' ok, so i fucked up and made a string bet that you know full well was just an accident and i even don't mind you calling it as they are the rules but don't do it with glee and piousness like your the last bastion of decency and protector of the rules that you just manipulate for a tiny increase in your negative edge over the field.
Bad losers/Slimey fucks who revel in beating somebody else or somebody getting beaten who beat them earlier, can also jump off a high building. There is a lot of joy to be had from taking on an opponent and pitting your wits against each other and respectfully offering a hand or nod should you triumph, thats probably the best part of the game for me. These cunts openly display there joy at an opponents exit and i in return vow to openly display my joy at theirs in future.

Minding Your Balls

Bit serious this but check your bollocks fellas, a mate just had to have one off but well worth it given the tumour and hes surprisingly chipper given that hes a rampant alpha male.

Doing you bollocks

No more table games, having taken down 2 live tornaments in a week for £2800 i proceeded to rinse a little over half of it on a crazed roulette/blackjack session. Got to plug that leak.

Online balance is fairly static as i haven't played much, just a bit of cash and the odd tournament from the winnings. Unfortunately no big results and the online roll is about $2400.

Gl at the tables

P.S. I can't be arsed to proof read this and i think i had more stuff to say but forgot to include it so may edit it later but i doubt it.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Taking a Punt

The hold em is still running ok but to be honest getting a bit boring.
The bb/100 hands is now running at a more realistic 11. something, i think if i played less
tables i could up this considerably and i think i have to start doing this anyway in order to improve my game.
9/12 tables is profitable but just a set strategy without much room for artistic play won't cut it at any level
above $2/$4.

I have been loving the PLO games lately and have to confess to taking a couple of punts at the $2/$4 level which looked
almost as weak as the 0.25/0.50 games i have been playing. The first go went stunningly well with a 4+ buy ins result
in a little over 2 hours playing only 2 tables, i honestly didn't do anything fancy but bet when i had it and mostly
mucked when i didn't. I have never read anything on omaha but the basics seem fairly obvious to me, it is game more based on betting strategy
rather than focusing on your opponents holding (hand reading is far less important i think). I don't know if my starting hand selection is 'textbook'
correct but i look to raise hands which can make more nut hands and limp stuff that can connect but might be in danger against bigger draws.
The 2nd session i played started amazingly well again and i was up 3 buy ins within 10 minutes, the pain of omaha then kicked in and reminded me
why some people play the game, TO GAMBLE. I lost 2 buy ins in consecutive pots to the same guy after getting it all in with the nuts on the turn in both
and getting rivered in each. In the 1st i would have kept it smaller if possible but when he keeps betting the pot and i have the nuts i have to go with it
, the 2nd was just ugly when i raise with AQQ10 and get re raised by the same guy, flop comes Q99 and the betting goes off again and i'm all in, he has AA94
and hits the case A on the river. I lost 2 more buy ins to a rivered boat aginst my nut flush and a rivered straight against my lower straight. I lost a bit more
on top and called it a day still up a little over the 2 sessions but oh what could have been.

I played a lot of tournaments over the weekend and came close in a few but couldn't muster a big result and lost a significant amount in pursuit of
tournament glory.

I have got to get back to the cash grind for a while to re build and not play tournaments that are out of my bankroll comfort zone.

I am considering moving almost entirely to omaha at some stage in the future as the games are just so juicy.

Unfortunately Blue scouse has ended his blog after doing all his money and i feel for him but it was always going to happen eventually. I hope he does
something with him self and maybe comes back to poker when he has learnt a little respect for money and other parts of the game he currently ignores.

Bankroll currently $1700 ish.

Gl at the tables.


Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hello to all in the new year.

I have had some heavy times at work (which is where i usually write my blogs) hence the lack of updates.

I had a good christmas of excess in most departments and i'm carrying a little seasonal weight which i put as my only resolution to get rid of.

The bankroll has taken a massive hit over the seasonal period, not through bad play or drunken poker but an enforced withdrawal.

Basically i have to have some specialist work to keep my mortgage company happy and it comes in at the not insignificant amount of £2900.

The bankroll had acheived the dizzying heights of $6000+ after a couple of tourney results and the steady income from the cash tables.

It tumbled all the way back down to 1k in early january after the withdrawal but has climbed back to $2300 with solid play after dropping back down to the appropriate levels (which wasn't to depressing), i even got some comments from the regulars along the lines of them having noticed i'd moved up and they were glad to see the back of me. I do give them a hard game down there and i think it does them good as well as my BR.

I've been hitting the PLO tables quite a lot recently and overall it's going well but the swings can be a bit disturbing, but there is a lot of money to be made there as the play is atrocious. For some reason a draw to the nuts is considered the be all and every reason to pot on every street. I should just rock up but i can't resist getting in there with all manner of junk when half the table are loons a fair % of the time.

I've been 12 tabling the NLHE tables quite a bit and just rocking it up if i don't feel to clever and still they call my big bets with top pair.

A few things i have noticed at this level

Weak leads in to a pot you raised, re raise every single time (unless you've hit the flop big of course). I honestly don't know why they do it, betting less than 10% of the pot, even a weak player is going to call even if they missed just for the size of the pot.

Take a few chances by letting the odd card come off with hands as weak as tptk, the biggest mistakes are made on the turn so aim to get the pot big on this street if you have the goods.

Don't be afraid to fire the second bullet if the flop is low and the turn is low/medium, why did they call on the flop? because they can't bear to let that AK go, thats why.

Middle or bottom pair with weak kickers should be routinely check/folded if there are 3+ players in the pot. Very unprofitable, hope to check it and catch a 2nd pair or check all the way.

The all in shove from no where is almost always complete strength.

Traps work brilliantly at this level but a re raise pre flop is taken as complete strength, so mix it up a bit, if you don't need to get other players out then take a chance and get trappy.

1st impressions last down here so throwing a few dollars around at the start if you are a rock will pay dividends later.

A general note unrelated to this level is if your getting battered at a table just stand up and leave it, regardless of wether you are playing well but getting sucked out etc.

If you haven't read Bluescouse's blog which is linked by poker roller coaster title you have missed what is probably the most popular poker blog in the world at the moment.

The guy is crazy in my opinion but it's his life, makes my blog look very pedestrian!!!

I have no idea about the text size problem but will have a look at it eventually so bear with me.

Good luck at the tables.